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Embedded Systems Engineer

Job Description:

To provide significant technical input to the design, implementation and testing, leading to technical ownership of embedded system design projects.

Main Duties of this Position

  1. Design and implement software of embedded devices and systems from requirements to production and deployment. To take responsibility for the design and overall quality of the firmware and provide leadership and guidance for junior engineers.

  2. Documentation of design specifications and implementation details. Lead design reviews. Upholding of software coding standards and methodologies.

  3. Responsibility for the complete implementation of detailed technical items and an understanding/appreciation of system level items.

  4. Flexibility is essential as specifications may not be fully defined at the start of development, and liaison with customers for continued feedback and input of requirements is likely throughout the development.

  5. Collaboration with other team members (including both hardware and software engineers) to agree system designs, interfaces and protocols etc.

  6. Development of appropriate test software and procedures, both informal and formal, to prove the correct operation of system.

  7. Provide post production support for the design if needed.

  8. Analyse, monitor and improve efficiency, stability of the system.

  9. Monitoring and reporting of progress of development to immediate supervisor and development team.

  10. Proactively support company compliance to Health and Safety legislation through adherence to company polices, processes and practices.

  11. Ensure that all business activity is conducted in line with company values, policies and ethics codes of conduct.

  12. Undertake any other activity as reasonably requested by management.

Knowledge & Experience:


  1. Degree qualified in Electronic/Computer Engineering/related subject (preferably masters or higher).

  2. Solid programming experience in C or C++

  3. Experience in hands-on development and troubleshooting on embedded targets

  4. Familiarity with software configuration management tools, defect tracking tools, and peer review

  5. Excellent knowledge of OS coding techniques, IP protocols, interfaces and hardware subsystems

  6. Adequate knowledge of reading schematics and datasheets for components

  7. Good knowledge of analogue and digital electronic circuit design

  8. Ability to write comprehensive technical design documentation

  9. Proven experience in handover and management of designs in production

  10. Excellent troubleshooting skills (both hardware and software)

  11. Able to support/debug system integration

  12. Good communicator

  13. Critical thinker and problem-solving skills

  14. Team player

  15. Good time-management skills

Highly Desirable:

  1. Use of Mentor Graphics schematic entry and PCB layout tools

  2. Experience of C, preferably in embedded applications

  3. Support and perform software debugging

  4. Design of circuits containing embedded processors and FPGAs

  5. Familiarization of Linux based system design

  6. Knowledge of any scripting language

  7. Experience testing, validating, and debugging embedded system firmware

  8. Experience setting up new development environments

  9. Experience optimizing C and MATLAB algorithms for high data throughput

  10. Experience with any RTOS implementation 


Post level

Senior level



No constraints


Experience - Minimum of 3 years’ proven design experience in industry.


Salary - Negotiable

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