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Pre-Compliance Testing Facility

Introducing our in-house pre-compliance testing facility for superior product quality and safety assurance

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our advanced in-house pre-compliance testing facility, dedicated to providing comprehensive and cost-effective testing solutions for manufacturers across various industries. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with cutting-edge equipment and staffed by experienced professionals, enabling us to deliver reliable testing services for enhanced product quality, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and electrical safety.


Radiated emissions testing using near-field Beehive EMC probes set:
At our facility, we utilize advanced near-field Beehive EMC probes set to conduct precise radiated emissions testing. This critical test allows us to accurately measure the electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronic devices. By ensuring compliance with acceptable limits, we assist manufacturers in identifying and addressing potential emissions issues early on, leading to optimized product performance and reduced redesign costs.


ESD testing using ESD3000:
Our facility offers comprehensive ESD testing services using the industry-leading ESD3000 system. With the capability to simulate contact up to 16kV and air discharge up to 30kV, we thoroughly assess your device's resistance to electrostatic discharge. By subjecting your products to rigorous testing, we help ensure they are well-protected against static electricity buildup and discharges, thus enhancing their reliability and longevity.


EFT testing using EMC Partner - IMU3000:
Transient electromagnetic disturbances, such as sudden voltage fluctuations, can impact electronic devices. To assess your device's resilience to such disturbances, we provide EFT testing using the EMC Partner - IMU3000 system. By evaluating the device's ability to withstand these disturbances, we help manufacturers identify vulnerabilities and implement necessary improvements, leading to increased product performance and durability.


Surge testing using EMC Partner - IMU3000:
Voltage surges and transient disturbances originating from power lines or lightning strikes can pose serious risks to electronic devices. Our surge testing service, utilizing the EMC Partner - IMU3000 system, ensures your products can withstand and recover from high-voltage surges. By rigorously testing their resistance, we help you minimize potential damages and increase customer satisfaction.


Basic Electrical Safety Testing using Fluke ESA615:
We understand the importance of electrical safety in product development. That's why our facility offers comprehensive basic electrical safety testing using the Fluke ESA615 electrical safety test equipment analyzer. By conducting essential safety tests, such as leakage current, we help you ensure your products meet the necessary safety standards, instilling confidence in both manufacturers and end-users.


Low-cost testing solutions:
In addition to providing top-quality testing services, we are committed to offering our clients cost-effective solutions. Our competitive pricing ensures that manufacturers of all sizes can access reliable pre-compliance testing services without straining their budgets.


Contact Us:
For more information about our in-house pre-compliance testing facility or to schedule a consultation, please reach out to our dedicated team at We look forward to assisting you in achieving superior product quality, electromagnetic compatibility, and electrical safety through our comprehensive and affordable testing solutions.

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