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HTIC’s Eye-PAC™ powers computational intelligence capabilities of indigenous low-cost eye screening device 3nethra (more than 1000 installations worldwide, 1.7 million eyes screened). Eye-PAC™  technology consists of image computing and analytics built upon advanced mathematical and computational techniques. The processing, computing, and analytics modules of Eye-PAC™ can be used to develop a range of applications such as disease screening systems, computational platforms for ophthalmic devices, and tools for clinical research and analytics. 

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Virtual patient-specific plate contouring for mandible resection

Slicer module developed for automatic bone segmentation, lateral mirroring, contour definition, generates metric instructions for pre-op plate bending. Hardware tool to execute the bending instructions developed.

Gigapixel neurohistology pipeline for mouse brain connectomics

Web tools for interactive remote compute on demand at gigapixel scale. Automation pipeline for atlas based segmentation and volumetric (teravoxel) analysis. Evolution into cancer digital histopathology automation

Publications & Patents:


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