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J Mitra Pvt. Ltd, a leading diagnostics company in India specializing in the development of rapid blood test kits, for communicable diseases such as Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya, and also for detection of HIV, HPV etc. J Mitra partnered with HTIC to develop a point of care diagnostic instrument that could read these quantitative rapid test kits and provide a numerical value of the test result.

HTIC developed a lateral flow immunofluorescence assay test kit reader, that utilizes a specially designed optics module (that houses a laser, optical elements, and photosensor) to capture the fluorescence created by the chemical reaction occurring on the test kit and apply necessary calibration information to convert the electrical signal to the final result value.


The developed instrument, named iQuant, is designed to read multiple test kits and reads the calibration information directly from the test kit without the need for a separate calibration chip. The product is meant for small to medium labs and is hence designed in an aesthetic desktop form factor, with an intuitive touchscreen display, battery back-up and capabilities for advanced data storage, syncing and transmission capabilities.


450 instruments were manufactured with a test target of 10 million in 5000 laboratories.

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