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Requirement for Manual Annotators

One of the goals of  the Center for Computational Brain Research at IIT Madras is to study the organisation of the brain.  To achieve this goal, we need manual annotators who can perform an important task which can be used to compare the results of any automated algorithms that we may develop. In order to test our algorithms, we require human observers who can perform this annotation task.

The nature of the task is to plot specific objects of interest within a digitized image of neurohistology slide. The task requires the identification of the stained structures from the background and to plot boundaries of individual structures within any given image.


Job requirements

This work is expected to be done on a computer using interfaces that are commercially available and some that are designed by CCBR and the requirements are as follows

  • Minimum qualification of undergraduate degree (Bachelors or equivalent)

  • Does not require any specific computer competence just experience and familiarity with basic operating systems (e.g. windows or Linux Operating system) is sufficient

  • Ability to focus for long periods of time.

  • Volunteers are required to have good vision (no colour blindness or very large eye power which can potentially affect their ability to annotate objects.

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