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Affordable, easy to use technology for cardiovascular screening. HTIC has developed ARTerial Stiffness Evaluation for Non-invasive Screening (ARTSENS). It is an image-free technology for non-invasively measuring arterial stiffness in an automated manner. ARTSENS uses custom designed ultrasound probe integrated with proprietary intelligent signal processing to identify arterial anatomy, capture vessel wall dynamics and calculate clinically accepted measures of stiffness.

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Blood Pressure

Non Invasive measurement of Blood Pressure (BP) has well-established utility in screening, clinical diagnosis and patient follow-up for a variety of critical disease conditions. Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre (HTIC) of IIT Madras has developed and tested a novel method for calibration-free, cuffless BP in controlled laboratory settings.

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Continuous monitoring of various physiological signals for proactive healthcare is of utmost importance in this era of mobile computing. The constant flow of data coupled with advances in the domain of machine learning opens up new opportunities in healthcare delivery. HTIC has developed several wearable devices ranging from Blood Oxygen saturation monitors to stress monitors to even an unobstrusive wireless ECG patch, The expertise in algorithm development coupled with cutting edge hardware design knowledge and close medical institution ties, places HTIC in a unique position to quickly design & develop clinical grade wearables.

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Flap Monitor

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The flap monitor is a reflectance photoplethysmography based device to continuously monitor a free flap for thrombosis post a reconstruction surgery. Present methods are qualitative and periodic due to which there is a higher chance of flap necrosis due to late detection. The flap monitor with its automated detection algorithms alerts the clinician immediately, hence improving the chances of flap survival with re-anastomosis.

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