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Wrist Worn Optical Heart Rate Monitor

Wrist Worn Optical Heart Rate

Continuous monitoring of various physiological signals for proactive healthcare is the latest trend in healthcare and wearable industry.  Development in the field of sensor technology, hardware miniaturization, ubiquitous computing and connected solutions paved the way for the development of wearables for continuous physiological parameter monitoring.


The growing demands of healthcare and physiological monitoring necessitate a system with high reliability and accuracy. Continuous heart rate monitoring with clinical accuracy using reflectance photoplethysmogram signals from wrist is highly challenging and presents a potential area of research.


HTIC developed a wearable device in a wrist watch form factor for heart rate monitoring. The device runs on low power ARM cortex M4 microcontroller and integrates a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) module for wireless connectivity. Heart rate computed by the wrist worn device was clinically validated for the accuracy of average heart rate measured over a duration of 10 seconds, with motion artifacts.

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