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Wrist Worn SpO₂ Monitor


Rapid advancements in the field of sensor technology, big data, analytics, algorithms, internet of things and communication have paved the way for dependence of technology in real time analysis of vital signs.  This development can create major impact if measurements are done with medical grade accuracy. Pulse oximeters help in real-time monitoring of SpO₂ during surgeries, in intensive care units, for patients suffering from pulmonary disorders, asthma and congestive heart failure, etc. 


Accurate and reliable measurement of blood oxygen saturation using photo plethysmography is still considered as a research program due to motion artefacts. Healthcare industry has begun shifting its focus from hospital-centric care to a more personalized system for patient care which will extend care from hospital to the patient’s home, at affordable cost. Real-time, intelligent wireless body monitoring can help patients, caretakers as well as health care professionals to predict as well as detect adverse health events at the onset.


HTIC has developed a wrist worn SpO₂ monitor with custom finger probe for motion artifact removal. The device does continuous acquisition of PPG and accelerometer waveforms and computes SpO₂ using a proposed light weight algorithm. The measurement results are continuously synced with an Android tablet, which acts as a gateway and is pushed on to the cloud for further analysis.

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